Laurie's Yoga Classes

I teach Sri Sri Yoga and hold Meditation towards the end of class. The type of yoga I teach is Hatha where we work on alignment and breath. It’s a gentle class that all levels can achieve and excel.

Sunday 3 PM – 4 PM and Wednesday 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM Gentle Yoga & Meditation at Serasana, Holly Springs. This class is in the yoga room at Serasana which is a spa and tea shop. You can book a massage appointment and then stay for my yoga class. You can grab a healthy smoothie or a tea after class.

Click HERE for information on pricing and to sign up for the class.

Tuesday 6 PM – 7 PM and Thursday 7 PM – 8 PM Gentle Yoga & Meditation at The Hunt Center, Holly Springs. 301 Stinson Avenue, Holly Springs. You can purchase a single drop-in pass for this class, or you can purchase a monthly pass that allows you to take any or all of the classes offered at The Hunt Center. For pricing, please call The Hunt Center at (919) 557-9600.

Welcome to the yoga section of The Happy Bishop! On this page, you will find yoga poses (or asana). Although these poses are all beginner poses, please make sure you have the “OK” from your doctor or medical practitioner to practice yoga before you try any of the yoga poses. Thanks, and enjoy!

If you ever feel pain while doing any of these poses, STOP. The following yoga poses should never cause you pain.

Here is an example of the Sun Salutation we do in class.



Royal Relaxation

Step 1: In a straight line, lie on your left side with your left leg straight and your right leg bent with your right foot in front of your left leg. Place your right hand on your knee. Steady yourself with your left hand or place your elbow on the mat and rest your head on your hand. Breathe!

Step 2: Lift your left leg. Breathe. You may also lift and lower your left leg 5 – 10 times while keeping the posture. Breathe. Repeat the pose of the right side. Breathe.



Tree Pose

Step 1: Stand with a straight spine, tummy tucked in, and feet a comfortable distance apart (6 inches or so). Shift all your weight to your left foot.

Step 2: Lift your right foot and place it on the side of your leg making sure it is either below your knee or above your knee. You can also bring your foot to the inside of your left ankle. Place your hands in prayer position. And stare at a fixed object in front of you. Breathe. And hold the position. Note: as a tree, you can grow anywhere!


Step 3: If you are steady, interlace your fingers, making a steeple, and raise your arms over your head. Keep your tummy tucked in, and remember to breathe.

Step 4: For more of a challenge, open your arms as you hold tree pose. To further the challenge, close your eyes. Whichever arm and leg position you choose, try and hold the pose for 30 seconds if possible. If that’s not possible, work up to 30 seconds and beyond each day. Don’t forget to breathe!


Butterfly Pose

Step 1: Sit with a straight spine and the soles of your feet together. Hold your toes with your hands.

Step 2: Gently raise and lower your knees like a butterfly’s wings.


Step 3: Lower your knees, lean your forearms and elbows on to your legs, and gently push down on your legs.


Step 4: Making sure you don’t have any pain first, slowly lower your nose towards your toes. Breathe and hold this position for several breaths before slowly sitting up.