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What Matters in the End

What Matters in the End

There is so much anger, fear, and confusion wreaking havoc on even the most sensible. The world is suffering from a pandemic in which no one seems to have a clear direction, and the masses are panicking, or are so disillusioned by the authority they refuse to listen...

My Dad’s House

My Dad’s House

As my Dad lay dying a few weeks ago, I began to see his body as a house that he was closing room by room. My Dad’s house was darkening…

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My Dad’s House

As my Dad lay dying a few weeks ago, I began to see his body as a house that he was closing room by room. My Dad’s house was darkening…

How to Calm the Hell Down Without Spending a Fortune.

Having a calm mind is a luxury that you can afford! Read how easy it is to settle your mind…

Childhood Dreams of A Life with Flipper

Relive a childhood dream while hanging out with the descendants of Flipper at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys!

The Top 10 Places to Meditate

Thinking about meditation, but not sure where to begin? You go to the gym to workout, but where do you go to meditate? For some help with your search, read The Happy Bishop’s Top 10 places to meditate!

A Small Medium, My Friend Fran

My friend Fran communicated with the dead, and not in a creepy Insidious way. Our friendship, spanning several decades, which went by lightning fast, was often spent talking about the messages she got from the dead..

The Fallen Egg

Hope appears in the strangest places. Please read what happened a few years back when I found a fallen egg in my backyard.

Venice 2023

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Italy Photo Gallery

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Unseen Roots

A few months back, I went hiking on trails around Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee. It’s the 3rd highest area on the east coast. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, I’m telling you right now; you should go! It’s not about the food or the...

What Matters in the End

There is so much anger, fear, and confusion wreaking havoc on even the most sensible. The world is suffering from a pandemic in which no one seems to have a clear direction, and the masses are panicking, or are so disillusioned by the authority they refuse to listen...

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Love the One You’re With

“Love the One You’re With” is a song from the 1970s written by Stephen Stills. Although the song could possibly conjure up images of hippie love and all sorts of relationship complexities that may lead to divorce court, it’s an important motto to live by, and here’s why.

Don’t Give Crap to the Needy.

Don’t give crap to the needy.
Here’s why…

7 Ways to Heal After Trauma

You don’t have to look far to see someone suffering from a horrific event. Mass shootings, marriage break-ups, malignant cancer battles. The events may differ, but trauma is trauma. Read 7 ways to begin healing.

Fixing a Broken Heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and maybe you’re feeling broken. Here are 3 quick and easy tips on how to rebuild from the aftermath of a Valentine’s Day gone wrong.

Mastering Marriage as an Imperfect Human

Staying married in the midst of the storms of life is not always easy. Here is one simple piece of advice for the art of mastering marriage…

Wellness Wisdom. A Conversation on the Table.

Learn wellness wisdom from Massage Therapist Kendra McLean who gives us tips on how to stay healthy this winter.

Living a Dog’s Life. 3 Easy Steps to Being Present!

Ever notice how dogs live in the moment? In the moment is where happiness hangs out. To be happy and stay in the present, use these 3 easy steps.

Win The Flu Flight

Read these 7 super easy ways to prepare for your big win against the flu!

Dump Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make one or several New Year’s Resolutions this past New Year’s? Here’s why you should completely dump them…

Bright Lights and All Things Inflatable

Imagine feeling that rush of joy as you open a box and tear into a present delivered to your door. Now, imagine figuring out after you have torn into the gift that the package was not meant for you and the gift to this other person is awful. Read on to find out what happens in an old neighborhood in the city…

Pamper Yourself Now Not Later

It’s hurricane season, and there is already another hurricane barreling towards us when most are still picking up the pieces from the last hurricane.
That’s life, though. Life presents one storm after another, whether it is in the form of a hurricane, personal illness, family trauma, and the list can go on and on.
We have to learn to live our best life now and not wait for the storm to pass.
Right now…

Living a Life of Routine with the Big 3

Life is ever changing. We are dynamic and rarely static, yet having a life of routine might help you live longer.

How is that possible?…

Bringing Out Our Best in the Face of Hurricane Florence

There is a hurricane coming, and the fireball on the TV screen that represents Hurricane Florence appears to be coming right for the town I live in.

Fixing Lonesome

Technology has given us a constant friend circle. From Facebook to Instagram, we are connected to a world where we can learn about Sally’s son’s graduation and Bob’s broken toe. We are woven together by social media. Chained as one by our cell phones, computers, and even our TVs, we live in a technology-driven world where it’s hard to find a time when we are truly alone.
Yet, it’s amazing how many lonely people there are…

Stop Nap Shaming

I’d like to talk about something that doesn’t get a lot of action – sleep. I’m particularly interested in the art of napping these days. What makes these days different from those days? I’m not quite sure, other than the fact that these days I’m tired…

SUP Boarding Peace

I have paddle boarded in lakes and oceans by the side of playful dolphins, a curious manatee, and a world of aquatic wonderment both seen and unseen.
Last summer, my daughter and I paddled near a school of feeding tarpon …

Becoming a Yoga Instructor: The Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Course

With week one and week two under our belt, we moved into our final week of the Sri Sri Teacher Training Course in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. During week three, our schedule remained the same, and our growth continued.

At the beginning of the third week, everyone in class began to look younger. It doesn’t make sense, does it? After two weeks of lengthy yoga sessions, unpredictable weather, and long days, we should have looked haggard.

But, we didn’t.

We all have those memories of the unbounded joys of childhood. Remember those? Our class collectively began to tap into those old memories of happiness, and the contentment of self that young children have before life gets rough. Tapping into those feelings of happiness made us feel and look younger. That lost eye twinkle was back!

What could challenge that renewed youthful spirit? Well, I’ll tell you what – EXAMS! …

Can my body survive? Week Two of The Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Course

Sometimes you have to breakdown to build-up. While taking a three-week course in the mountains of Boone, I spent the first week battling doubt in my abilities. The second week brought many other hurdles. My mind was willing, but could my 50-something-year-old body handle the course? 

Luckily, sensing the exhaustion of the class, Krishan Verma, the Yogi Master, adjusted the start time from 5:30 am to 6:00 am. Thirty extra minutes. Only thirty extra minutes. I really could have used four extra hours…

An Unlikely Candidate: The Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Course

Last summer, a friend of mine, Sejal, suggested I take a three-week course in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina to become a yoga instructor. At first, of course, I said no.

I’m in my 50’s and not very bendy. Except for taking Sejal’s yoga class at the Art of Living Retreat Center, the only yoga I had taken was a class here and there at the YMCA and a few other fitness centers. Those classes were more feats of calisthenics than true yoga, and left me sore and feeling inadequate.

Sejal persisted, which made me wonder, “Why?” Why should a woman in her fifties with minimal experience in yoga become a yoga teacher?

“You don’t have to be bendy,” Sejal insisted. She went on to say that this is about a lifestyle, a chance to make life better…

Create a Cozier Home with 3 Quick Fixes

Are you looking to improve your home? Here are three quick fixes to create a cozier home through lighting, scent, and a few of your favorite things.

When you walk into a room that is bright and sunny, your mood lifts. Conversely, a darkened room can be soothing. The lighting in your home matters…

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Might Hurt You

Doctor’s visits can be challenging. We elevate doctors to a God-like level believing they should know everything with 100 percent accuracy. Doctors don’t know everything. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to know everything because that’s pretty near impossible. There are two simple yet important steps to a successful appointment with your doctor because what your doctor doesn’t know may hurt you.

Go Take a Soak with This Easy Recipe for Wellness

If you want to have wellness, you’ve got to take care of yourself. An easy step towards wellness is to go soak in a tub!

You’ve got ten minutes, don’t you?

I’ll give you my Epsom Salt Bath recipe so you can go take a soak as you journey towards wellness…

Let Go of Eating for the Permanent Record. It’s All About the Math.

Let go of the emotional attachments with food. If you want to lose weight, just do the math.
Look, they lied to us in school about the whole “Permanent Record” thing.
Remember that?
We were all told in school that we couldn’t skip or get detention or whatever because it would go on our permanent record, and that permanent record would follow us our WHOLE life.
We all graduated high school and got on with life only to realize that THERE WAS NO PERMANENT RECORD!
That’s right!
No one in your adult world cares if you skipped school to hang out at the lake that one Thursday in May. (Ha, ha, just joking Mom and Dad…) Or, if you failed that history test sophomore year. No one.
We all believed in the permanent record, and sadly it was a fabrication.
They also told us that we needed to learn math, really learn math, because math would follow us our whole life.
Guess what…

Learning Life’s Cadence Through the Ebb and Flow Principle

Learning life’s cadence isn’t always easy. It’s not always clear when to sit back and relax in life and when to take action. The ocean knows when to ebb and flow, but for me, it takes a calm mind and at times, trial and error to feel that rhythm.

It was Christmas day two years ago, and the nine kids were to stay out of the ocean. I sat my chair in the sand and felt instant comfort as the chair sunk under my weight.

Quickly, nine children were in my personal space.

“OK, OK, you can go in the water, but ONLY ankle deep,” I told them.

I hadn’t finished the word “deep” before the nine were racing to the water’s edge.

Disconnect from the Stresses of Living with a Cell Phone

Disconnect from the stresses of living with a cell phone. It’s a phone, not a pacemaker! Here are 3 easy steps to regain control over your phone.

The Sour Cream Lid Promise

When a 7-year-old finds an advertisement for a magical place on a sour cream lid and decides she needs to go visit, it takes 10 years to get her there. Read “The Sour Cream Lid Promise,” and find out what happens and why we all need to calm down.

7 Actions to Wash Away Stress

Collective stress is in the spring air, arriving before the impending pollen. Just as the rain will wash away that irritating green river of pollen, there are things we can do to remove stress. Here are 7 actions to wash away stress.

Lizard Jed and the Fallen Egg

Life is not only about finding one egg on your path and trying to save it. We are all interconnected, and whenever we aspire to do our best for the world around us, it matters.

The Fallen Egg’s New Family

Sometimes, hope is found in the darndest places. Please take a moment and read what becomes of the fallen egg.

Surviving Loss

We should all create space to grieve.
Nine years ago, when my husband’s father was dying of lung cancer, he vowed to stay by his father’s side until the very end. He kept his vow…

7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Before you walk out of the doctor’s office with a prescription in hand, here are 7 helpful questions you should make sure your doctor answers.

Stretch Yourself

If you want a healthy body, you are going to have to stretch. We continuously stretch our finances, our mind, our patience, yet we rarely stretch our bodies.
It’s so easy to say to ourselves, “I don’t have the time to sit down never mind to sit down and stretch.”
Make time to stretch…

Exercising Fun Facts

Regular exercise can make you happier!

Recently, I had lunch with Ginger Casbon, head coach at Orange Theory Fitness. While eating a fabulous eggplant pasta dish, we talked about many things. One of the topics was how great exercise is.