Let Go of Eating for the Permanent Record. It’s All About the Math.

Let go of the emotional attachments with food. If you want to lose weight, just do the math.
Look, they lied to us in school about the whole “Permanent Record” thing.
Remember that?
We were all told in school that we couldn’t skip or get detention or whatever because it would go on our permanent record, and that permanent record would follow us our WHOLE life.
We all graduated high school and got on with life only to realize that THERE WAS NO PERMANENT RECORD!
That’s right!
No one in your adult world cares if you skipped school to hang out at the lake that one Thursday in May. (Ha, ha, just joking Mom and Dad…) Or, if you failed that history test sophomore year. No one.
We all believed in the permanent record, and sadly it was a fabrication.
They also told us that we needed to learn math, really learn math, because math would follow us our whole life.
Guess what…