Sometimes, hope is found in the darndest places. Please take a moment and read what becomes of the fallen egg. The beginning of the fallen egg starts here and continues below.

Day 2:

The fallen egg still sits nestled in my daughter’s scarf in a box on our dining room table with a halogen lamp to warm him.

I keep turning him from time to time.

I played the piano to help him come out of his shell. I chose to play “What I Did for Love,” because who doesn’t love a good show tune, and “Claire de Lune,” because everyone loves Debussy.

Still, the egg sits.

Day 3:

The fallen egg is still resting comfortably.

My youngest daughter got out my guitar amp and my husband’s microphone and stand and set up a performance area in the dining room. She sang “We Are the World,” to the little fella with all the enthusiasm of a budding star on the TV show American Idol.

I think it helped.

It must have helped because every act of kindness helps in its own way.

Day 4, The Weekend:

We spent the weekend with my husband’s mother who is fighting her battle with ovarian cancer. It is difficult to see the early effects of chemo on her, but her spirit is strong.

I entrusted the care of our Great Dane Petunia and the baby egg to our neighbor to babysit while we were at my mother-in-law’s.

I brought neighbor Dave into the dining room and showed him the little egg, and he immediately mentioned seeing the same type of egg in a nest on the roof of his front porch. He asked if I thought it would be OK if he put my little egg in the nest with the other egg.

How could I say no?

It seemed like the best chance of survival for the little fella.


I handed him the box from the table and looked away. I couldn’t watch the process of him being moved.


Over the weekend, my neighbor sent me pictures of the egg with its new adopted family.

First, the nest held two eggs; then, it held three, four, and five. The mama bird watches the nest from a short distance during the day and then sits on them at night.

2eggs                   3eggs


4eggs                   5eggs

My egg is the one that is a bit bluer, maybe because I held it so much, maybe because it is really a snake egg, maybe because it is a leftover piece of Easter candy.

The mama bird accepts the egg regardless of who created it, and I find that heartwarming!

Check back with me tomorrow to find out what becomes of the newly adopted fallen egg! Does it hatch? Does it melt? Come back tomorrow!