How to Survive the ICU Experience

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An eBook on how to manage the complexities of sitting by the bedside of someone you love.


When a loved one is in an ICU setting, you may wonder how you will ever survive watching your child, significant other, parent, or friend struggle to regain good health. That's where How to Survive the ICU Experience comes in to help you. This eBook is a guide written by a Mom with first-hand experience on what it's like to sit by the bedside of a loved one.

If you have a loved one with fragile health, give this book a read. It's meant to give you strength and courage to face the road you may be traveling.

2 reviews for How to Survive the ICU Experience

  1. Terry Noah

    As a physician providing consultation in ICU settings and sometimes needing to send complex patients there, I often look for ways to help families cope with this difficult experience. This well-written guide gives good practical advice for parents and other family members, who are trying to stay sane in what can be a very stressful setting.

  2. Richard Jonas

    Great resource for families. I particularly like the fact that you focus quite a bit of attention of reminding parents to look after themselves and to take advantage of the support services as well as extended family and faith to get through what is naturally a harrowing ordeal.

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