“Love the One You’re With” is a song from the 1970s written by Stephen Stills. Although the song could possibly conjure up images of hippie love and all sorts of relationship complexities that may lead to divorce court, it’s an important motto to live by, and here’s why.

Currently, hate drives the world and dictates what channel we will watch on TV, what team we will cheer for, what hat we will place on our heads.

A World of Hate

Our world is filled with hate crimes.

Today’s social media is brimming with hate messages.

Political banter is steeping with hate speech.

History is overflowing with the scalding damage to humanity hate has inflicted.

So, why not get angry and use hate to fight back?

Here’s the thing, you can’t fight hate with hate. It just won’t work.

An opposing force is needed, so I say we fight back with love.

It’s OK if your political views don’t correlate with the person standing across from you.

It’s OK if someone cheers for a different team then you do.

We are all different, and that’s what makes us beautiful. I can’t imagine how horrific the world would be if every single person looked, talked and dressed just like me. Can you imagine a world filled with duplicates of yourself? I think it would bring even the most egocentric person to madness.

Humans are inherently flawed. With these flaws come mistakes. Some mistakes are hugely destructive to the world around us, and some are minor irritations, but we can all agree that humans collectively are brilliant at making mistakes.

Let Go

We’ve got to let go of our hatred of those that are different and our hatred of those that have made mistakes.

A World of Love

We have to love.

Because we are all conditioned to strike-out at anything that might alter our mindset, you might be thinking, “Well, Laurie, how the hell do we do that?”

I’m not talking about the physical here. Think about the love you have for your spouse, or the love you have for your newborn baby or any newborn for that matter. With that newborn, you are filled with compassion and patience for the fragile small life form you are holding in your arms. You speak kindly and gently to a newborn, and you don’t ask anything of that newborn other than to just be. You’re even protective of your newborn wanting her to grow and succeed in life.

That newborn is the embodiment of love.

That is how you should treat all of the people that enter your world. And, I mean everybody from the cashier at the grocery store to the CEO of the company you work for because we are all in this life together, walking side by side.

It’s easy to show love to someone in your family or to your spouse, but try showing love to strangers.

The only way we are going to change hate is with an opposing force that I believe is far stronger.

So, go ahead and love the one you’re with right now.

Here’s a little mood music from Crosby Stills and Nash to help you on your way.