Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and maybe you’re feeling broken.

We place so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day that we often miss the whole point.

It’s a celebration of love, not a tournament to see who can get the most roses, yet you’d think it was an Olympic event by the posts on social media.

Maybe you didn’t get the bouquet you wanted or that big box of chocolates, and perhaps that has left you very sad and feeling heartbroken.

Here are three quick and easy steps on how to rebuild from the aftermath of a Valentine’s Day gone wrong.

Step One

Snap Out of It!Getting something from somebody doesn’t increase or decrease your self-worth.

The person who has your romantic attention doesn’t define you; you define you!

So, if you find yourself melancholy or sad over your boo-thang not meeting your expectations, snap out of it!

You are the same person you were the day before Valentine’s Day.

You can’t control how your sugar-baby acts under the pressure of the love holiday, but you can control how you act.

Take control of the situation by mentioning exactly how next year you’d like to celebrate the occasion.

Acknowledge that the love of your life is not psychic, and let it go.

Step Two

Love YourselfIf you are looking for your special someone to validate you, I am going to ask you to do something important right now. Just Stop!

You don’t need a special holiday to empower you with love because You Are Love.

The love that you are looking for from that cutie-patootie is within you.

It’s there!

Go look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes. That love is within you. It’s already there, so embrace it!

Love the love that is YOU!

Step Three

Buy Your Own Dang Flowers

“But, Laurie, I love flowers and candy, and I didn’t get any last week.” you might be saying right now.

I hear you.

Go out and buy your own flowers. Buy your own candy. Set them on the table.

Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers. If you want flowers, you go buy yourself some flowers, or pick them from your yard and put them in a vase.

Honor yourself as you would like others to honor you.

Once you start realizing that the love you so desperately search for is within you, you will attract others who are like-minded.

Relax and take a deep breath.

Eat that chocolate you just bought yourself.

Look at those gorgeous flowers you own.

Smile because you are love!