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My Dad’s House

As my Dad lay dying a few weeks ago, I began to see his body as a house that he was closing room by room. My Dad’s house was darkening…

How to Calm the Hell Down Without Spending a Fortune.

Having a calm mind is a luxury that you can afford! Read how easy it is to settle your mind…

Childhood Dreams of A Life with Flipper

Relive a childhood dream while hanging out with the descendants of Flipper at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys!

The Top 10 Places to Meditate

Thinking about meditation, but not sure where to begin? You go to the gym to workout, but where do you go to meditate? For some help with your search, read The Happy Bishop’s Top 10 places to meditate!

A Small Medium, My Friend Fran

My friend Fran communicated with the dead, and not in a creepy Insidious way. Our friendship, spanning several decades, which went by lightning fast, was often spent talking about the messages she got from the dead..

The Fallen Egg

Hope appears in the strangest places. Please read what happened a few years back when I found a fallen egg in my backyard.

Italy Photo Gallery

Italy 2023  Day 1 - VeniceDay 2 - VeniceDay 3 - VeniceOrvietoDay 1 OrvietoDay 2 OrvietoRomeDay 1 RomeDay 2 RomeOtrontoDay 1 Otronto

Unseen Roots

A few months back, I went hiking on trails around Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee. It’s the 3rd highest area on the east coast. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, I’m telling you right now; you should go! It’s not about the food or the...